Pu Poo Platter

A Chilling Winter Night | 夜​食​堂​駭​人​事​件

Brooklyn funk virtuosos Pu Poo Platter present their latest offering A Chilling Winter Night | 夜​食​堂​駭​人​事​件, with seven tracks that deftly encapsulate the sentiment of a winter night without eschewing the warmth of their genre-blending style.

While staying in the same vein as other groove-centric funk acts like Surprise Chef, The Pro-Teens and El Michels Affair, Pu Po Platter’s unique fusion of jazzy funk, soul, and ethereal vibes distinguishes them from other contemporary acts. A Chilling Winter Night exemplifies the band’s deft ability to interweave musical styles seamlessly while maintaining a cohesive vision. Far from merely strip-mining past styles for novelty, their nuanced approach is an ode to the legacy of funk and soul, embroidered with hip-hop sensibilities.

The album’s opening track, “Wen’s Woozy Wrap,” welcomes you into the frost-bitten soundscape of Pu Poo Platter. Combining a sultry guitar lick with bewitching rhythm, the song is an emblem for the band’s unique sound.

Delving deeper into the musical repertoire of Pu Poo Platter, listeners discover the intricacies and depth embedded in the album. There’s no shortage of funk — “Wu’s Wonton King” and “Beatbox Bandit” are textbook examples of what good, groove-heavy funk music should be — but later tracks like “A Chef’s Lament” paints a delicate scene underscored by a hypnotizing blend of keys and rich saxophone floating over an echoey guitar riff. And one of my personal favorites, “Ming’s Cafe,” is a sublime track supported by deep bass, subtle guitar and delicate sax tones, which also serves as a beautiful respite amid the high-energy jams that dominate the album as a whole.

A Chilling Winter Night truly stands out for its ability to fuse different moods and tempos throughout the album without ever losing its core identity. There’s also incredible musicianship showcased throughout the record; from the fantastic blending of horns and keys to the intricate guitar playing and equally captivating rhythm section, Pu Poo Platter’s musical talents are not to be overlooked.

So, if you’re looking for an album to keep you warm and entertained through those cold, winter nights, look no further than Pu Poo Platter’s A Chilling Winter Night. With its fusion of timeless funk and soul with hip-hop appeal, there’s no doubt it will resonate as a welcome addition to your music collection.

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The latest offering from Brooklyn funk virtuosos Pu Poo Platter offers up a genre-blending style of funk for hip-hop heads.