Alikho Igama

Earth At My Feet

Alikho Igama, a new rising figure in Philadelphia’s underground hip-hop scene, has rolled out an album that sends waves through the status quo and demands your attention. His latest work, Earth at My Feet, shows Igama not only holds his own as a rapper but also demonstrates his prowess behind the production desk, having masterminded the lion’s share of the album’s beats himself.

Earth At My Feet presents itself as a contemplative exploration of life’s new avenues, while marking the end of chapters that no longer serve a purpose. This introspective collection of tracks sees Igama plotting out his spiritual journey, as he soulfully captures attention with deeply personal lyrics and evocative storytelling.

Igama’s rich, genuine voice resonates throughout the album, and his own production contributions shine through as soulful, loop-based beats that guide the listening experience. Further amplifying this cohesive soundscape, fellow producers Clayhead, Knvcklehead, and Sun Gin contribute their talents to the project.

On “Sunrise Over Shibuya,” a standout track produced by Knvcklehead, the Philly MC’s raw introspection is set against a blissful soundscape that mirrors the album’s soul-searching motifs. Sun Gin leaves an indelible mark on tracks like “Law Of Attraction” and “Picture Book,” beautifully encapsulating the essence of Earth At My Feet through sun-kissed melodies.

The features from rappers Zay, Aziz, MANN, and gen further elevate this album, contributing their individual styles and flows to this compelling project. Together, they present Earth at My Feet as a standout, notably impressive underground record that can connect to any ardent fan of hip hop.

With a singular sound that gives the listener a taste of Philly’s underground, Earth at My Feet is more than just an album – it’s a personal and audacious journey into the heart of the craft. Igama’s inventive lyricism and dynamic production offer a relatability in the complexity of the human experience, making this album a must-listen for anyone interested in the pulse of innovative, underground hip hop.

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With Earth At My Feet, rising Philly MC Alikho Igama sends waves through the status quo and demands your attention.