April + Vista

Pit Of My Dreams

Washington D.C. based duo April + Vista return with their first album since 2018’s You Are Here and it’s a stunner. With April George on lead vocals, violin and piano and mattVISTA on bass and production duties, the duo present a sound that’s lush and mesmerizing, rooted in electronic but with flourishes of organic instrumentation, including guest performers on cello, viola and drums. Pit Of My Dreams finds them rising to new heights, an that’s expansive and engaging throughout.

The vibe is definitely melancholic, understandable as the album is thematically based in part on April’s experiences with sleep paralysis and the entire thing was self-produced and recorded during a global pandemic. VISTA’s moody production plays a welcoming backdrop to the strings laced throughout, a mix that lends incredible emotional weight to the album’s eight tracks. The use of space and buildup is equally superb, with the expansive standout track “Every Void” slowly building to a strong-laden climax, only to be immediately followed by the delicate acoustic number “I Hate It Here.” This contrast and balance makes for a wholly immersive listening experience.

Overall, April + Vista’s Pit Of My Dreams is some exquisite music that’s sure to please those who enjoy the moodier, dreamier side dream of pop music.

April + Vista Pit of my dreams