A Guide To East Coast’s Best Underground Rappers

A List Of Today’s Top East Coast Rappers

East coast rap continues to have a significant influence, even as the genre has shifted away from where it once came from. It was there where hip-hop first emerged in the Bronx in the ’70s, it was there where hip-hop first gained commercial traction in the early ’80s, and there it is today where what constitutes contemporary hip-hop is most thoroughly discussed.

You can hear echoes of early east coast sound in the productions styles and lyrically dense hip-hop that’s popular in underground circles around the country. Inevitably, that influence has infiltrated even today’s most popular rap produced in the West, South and Midwest. As such, a knowledge of today’s east coast artists is still important for any hip-hop fan.

Who Are The Best Up-And-Coming East Coast Rappers Right Now?

Today I introduce the best east coast rappers who are worth your time and attention today. They’re not all big names, though they’ll likely be big soon enough. Their sounds are unique and they’re growing a name for themselves in their respective cities at a rapid pace. These are the best rappers on the east coast.

Brian Ennals

Brian Ennals is the sort of rapper who’s bound to be filed under “obscure” for most listeners. He’s been a rambunctious presence in the Baltimore underground since the early days of his career, rhyming with a kind of punk-rock abrasiveness and urgency that grips you with every syllable. Ennals has been recording music for over a decade but he’s only recently received the critical acclaim and peer recognition he deserves as one of the best east coast rappers around. His 2022 album King Cobra signifies a distinct turning point in Ennals’ career. Under the guidance of Baltimore producer Infinity Knives, the album is a rewarding listen that showcases his considerable gifts as a lyricist and an impressionistic music artist.


Philadelphia’s lojii is a master of the art of chill. With a mellower sound than most of his Philly counterparts, his style is driven by hazy, lo fi beats perfect for late night listening. His voice is laid back yet resonant, somewhere between Ka and A Tribe Called Quest, and his music is a modern take on the classic east coast hip-hop of the 90s. To anyone with an open ear, it’s clear that lojii has something unique to offer. Lojii’s not only one of the best rappers in Philly, but he’s one of the best rappers on the east coast, period. He’s also been on a flawless run over the last few years, dropping the stellar lo&behold album and Taurus_EP, and putting in guest appearances alongside iconoclasts like fellow Philadelphian Moor Mother.

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Navy Blue

Navy Blue’s music bares his soul. The Brooklyn rapper/producer’s work is a raw and nuanced look at life in his borough and beyond. Vulnerable lyrics displayed on his stellar albums like Àdá Irin, Songs of Sage: Post Panic and Navy’s Reprise (one of 2021’s best) have given him a unique place in the rap world. His self-produced beats are sparse and jazzy, with sample-heavy loops that allow for a looser form of introspection than the freewheeling, hyper-lyrical style many modern rappers cultivate. When packaged together, his music is a unique style of experimental rap that recalls the work of Earl Sweatshirt, Wiki and Lord Jah Monte Ogbon, three artists who he’s also worked with.

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Ghais Guevara

From the very first time you hear his music, it becomes clear that Ghais Guevara is not your average rapper. Ghais Guevara is a Philly rapper and producer who puts his energies into a brand of hip-hop that looks at the roots of social inequality in America. An immense reflection upon racial identity and historical suffering, his work is not an easy listen. Although he doesn’t have a huge following (yet), his music has been well received by those who are interested in him; there is a lot to be said about what he’s doing, both on a technical level and on a thematic level. Performed over original beats with their own sonic and emotional quality, his lyrics are deep and poignant, speaking of pain and racial identity in America. Ghais Guevara’s powerful voice, combined with his lyrical ability and rhyming skills, makes him one of the most original and daring rappers in recent memory. If you’re looking for powerful, politically conscious hip-hop with a message, look no further than Ghais Guevara.


Nascent MC al.divino is making his presence felt in the Boston area. After years of hustle, al has become a buzzed-about commodity in the east coast hip-hop scene. Not content to sound like every other east coast rapper, al.divino takes rugged boom bap and reshapes it into a distinct style that should be heard by any rap fan. He hides clever punchlines in his gruff voice and percussive cadence and he gets the majority of his production from the finest beat makers around, including Graymatter, Ewonee, and Ohbliv.

Koncept Jack$on

Richmond, Virginia rapper Koncept Jack$on takes a cerebral approach to his flow, drifting in and out of consciousness to deliver hard-hitting bars with a supreme knack for wordplay. With Koncept’s verses, every word hits its mark like an expert marksman. His solo work stands alone in its own right but the east coast rapper is at his best when accentuated by guest spots from Richmond’s Mutant Squad and beats from his city’s increasingly laudable production scene that set the tone and perfectly complement his rhyme patterns.

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Che Noir

Over the past three years, Niagara Falls MC/producer Che Noir has gained a reputation as one of most incisive, hard-hitting and flat out best rappers on the east coast. Garnered by a reputation for intricate lyricism and sharp songwriting reminiscent of east coast rappers of the 90s, she’s made a mark with streetwise lyrics and intelligent projects like Juno and Food For Thought that have established her as one of the brightest talents in rap. On the mic, Che Noir is a natural-born killer. Her flow is distinctively her own but reveals a deep connection to classic New York MCs. She’s a sharp lyricist and gifted storyteller, adept at relaying dramatic scenes and holding listeners in the palm of her hand.


In AKAI SOLO’s music, raps are delivered in a stream of consciousness flow, but accompanied by tight rhyme schemes and a literary structure that puts his skills as a rapper on display. AKAI SOLO pulls inspiration from gaming and anime to tell stories about the ups and downs of life and love with a jaded wisdom – but they’re never without humor or playfulness, even when they take on more serious topics. His 2022 album, Spirit Roaming, is a 15-track mission statement, a highlight reel of the rapper’s strengths, as AKAI SOLO uses his prowess to carry listeners on a captivating sonic journey.


Mach-Hommy has made some of the strangest and most exciting rap music in the world over the past five years. He’s part of a small constellation of artists whose music is as challenging as it is rewarding — rappers whose style is rooted in their home region but whose interests are global. Based in Newark, New Jersey but hailing from Haiti, his work is so singular that an entry point can seem elusive. Until recently, much of his music couldn’t be found on streaming platforms. He’s sold some records through Instagram and has used Bandcamp as a way to sell his albums for hundreds of dollars. The move worked in his favor, with his music resonating deeply with those who’ve discovered it and gaining him a cult following. He’s since gained wider recognition thanks to recent works like Balens Cho and Pray for Haiti, an album that works as a summary of everything that’s made him special up to this point and also demonstrates an ambitious new direction for his unique style of east coast music.

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J Scienide

J Scienide is a true hip-hop head. This Washington, DC transplant is a crafty MC and producer who writes witty rhymes and uses obscure samples to create new sounds. Like a hip-hop mad scientist, he has a gift for combining various influences, from the classic sounds of 90s east coast rappers to the forward-thinking sounds of today, and making them into something unique and exciting. His talents were recognized at an early age, and he’s been honing those skills ever since. Today, J Scienide continues to grow as an artist and a writer, as displayed on recent releases like Somebody’s Paradise and KAPUT!!!.

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Gabe ‘Nandez

Gabe ‘Nandez gained a worldly perspective from an early age, growing up shuttling back and forth between New York City and international locations thanks to his father’s job with the United Nations. A childhood abroad fueled his love of language and developed his ear for different sounds and dialects. Today ‘Nandez’s music is is largely influenced by his upbringing, characterized by multilingual raps while still embodying the gritty sound of 90s east coast hip-hop. For an entry point into his work, check out Strife, and album that feels like the next step for ‘Nandez and shows how his rap have evolved into some of his most potent and nuanced work yet. He’s not only one of the most interesting and eclectic rappers on the east coast, he’s also one of the best.

Armand Hammer

Comprised of two of the best rappers on the east coast—ELUCID and billy woods— Armand Hammer are bringing new depth and creativity to New York City’s underground rap scene and east coast music in general. Together, the dynamic duo are creating some of the most atmospheric and complex music currently out in any genre. Armand Hammer have little patience for translating their lyrics — their verses are communicated through a dense haze of coded imagery that’s often difficult to decipher while remaining wholly captivating. Haram, Armand Hammer’s collaboration with The Alchemist, was one of 2021’s best, perfect for those who like their hip-hop laced with a heavy dose of the psychedelic and arcane.

ILL Conscious

With a classic approach that hearkens back to rap’s golden era and 90s east coast hip-hop, ILL Conscious has gained praise from audiences up and down the eastern seaboard. The Baltimore MC has been likened to AZ, Big Pun, and Big L with the consciousness of Talib Kweli and the passion/word choice of Tupac. His lyrics are introspective and conceptual, and his beat selection is laced with a grimy edge that perfectly compliments his style. His 2022 offering Acre of Diamonds is a tour de force that puts his lyrical prowess on full display alongside choice guest appearance from fellow rising stars like Rome Streetz.

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