Wisdom Teeth, the UK record label run by producers Facta and K-Lone, is definitely cultivating a certain vibe. Since starting in 2016, it’s been responsible for a string of stellar singles and EPs from underground favorites like Benoit B, Lurka, and Parris, all imbued with a warm, hazy vibe that invokes those lingering moments right before the club closes for the weekend. Each release has been gorgeous, right on down to the cover art. Surprisingly, the label has only released two full length albums since its inception. The first was K-Lone’s sublime Cape Cira LP (one of 2020’s best) and the second is Blush, the debut LP from label co-founder Facta.

Like Cape Cira, Blush is a slow-building, meandering affair of dance floor-adjacent electronic music, an amalgamation of styles ranging from ambient and balearic to modern classical and folk. “Sistine (Plucks)” opens the album with a delicate harp loop, slowly unwinding over the top of shifting synth chords. It’s an inviting piece, letting you know you’re in for something special. From here, Facta sticks with a similar motif with “On Deck,” a breezy, vibraphone-driven track with balearic vibes and gentle sub bass

From here the album shifts through a number of styles and feelings. “Brushes” introduces some tension to the mix, propelled by chugging drums and sunkissed, melancholy pads. “Verge” brings things back into easygoing territory with jaunty arpeggios and skittering, future garage-like drums. “Iso Stream” slows things to a codeine crawl, a beautiful interlude with blissful chords and an angelic chopped vocal sample. “Diving Birds” finds Facta collaborating with label mate Parris for a transcendent, dubby cut underpinned by reverberating MIDI melodies. The title track “Blush” rounds out the LP with hypnotic, bleeping tones and sweeping chords

Throughout, Blush absolutely shimmers. It’s a stunning, beautiful piece of work from an artist (and record label) I’ll be keeping a close eye on. 

facta blush