Société Etrange


Homegrown in the post-punk/electronic scene of Lyon, France, Société Etrange have built a reputation over the past ten years as an act driven by kinetic rhythm while remaining staunchly independent of parameters. With their second album, Chance, is a sonic collision of modern day electronic touchstones and raw, primal energy – 6 instrumental tracks propelled by scorching synth lines and undergirded by post-punk, post-new-wave rhythm.

A sonic union of percussive, industrial restlessness and experimental electronic ambience, Société Etrange craft an undeniable atmosphere with just a few instruments that enthralls and entices from the get go. The electronic rhythms on Chance are abrasive at times yet somehow enveloping and transportive, while the bass tones are ominous yet soothing – a great juxtaposition between the two facets which make up the record.

Dub, post-rock and post-punk share a common pedigree but often exist as different ends of the same tether. For Société Etrange, though, these three strands are given a new lease through some captivating sound design that expands their potential to be far more than mere reference points.

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