Dan Nicholls

Mattering and Meaning

Forget any ideas you may have about what piano music can be, because London-based keyboardist/producer Dan Nicholls’ new album Mattering and Meaning is here to open your ears and obliterate those preconceptions.

Incorporating piano loops with elements of free improvisation and electro-acoustic music, the album has an emotional impact that goes beyond conventional jazz or electronic music – that word jazz might be part of its DNA, but it radiates with emotional warmth and vulnerability that is rare in such recordings.

Consisting of nine pieces that each tell a unique tale, it’s an immersive listening experience that draws from the traditions of experimental music, ambient soundscapes, and field recordings. The album invokes awe and mystery through intricate layers of harmony and rhythm – an ode to the power of sound and its ability to shape physical and mental spaces, as well as our experiences of them.

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cover art for dan nicholls album mattering and meaning