Devon Parkin

Sit With Dirt

There’s something quite special about Devon Parkin’s full-length debut, Sit With Dirt. The Vancouver-based artist takes us on a dream-pop journey that pleasantly echoes the styles of Fever Heat Waves, strongboi, Beach House, and the like. But make no mistake — the unique sound Parkin has conjured is distinctive and his own. Resonating with a airy, haze-filled ambience, Sit With Dirt is a fitting addition to the burgeoning music wave emanating from the Pacific Northwest.

Parkin adopts an intriguing approach with his vocals, pushing them into the backdrop, letting his sweeping, syncopated instrumentals bask in the limelight. This interesting technique creates a sense of rising euphoria that lures listeners into the soul of the rhythm. It’s like Parkin’s created this musical equivalent of a dream, drawing you in and lifting your spirit. When you delve into Sit With Dirt, you’re stepping into a journey that’s a perfect blend of nostalgia and whimsy, offering a sound that’s as viscerally gripping as it is complex. In short, it’s an album sure to stick with you.

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