Seany Bsta

Empyrean Creation

Seany Bsta has been a mainstay in Australia’s underground hip-hop scene since the ‘90s as a rapper, producer and radio/club DJ. Along the way he’s expanded his production palette to dabble into hip-hop-adjacent genres like house, disco, breakbeat and funk. Empyrean Creation, his latest album on Inner Tribe Records, pulls his wide-ranging musical interests into one complete package. A sprawling affair spanning 26 instrumentals, the songs range from solo piano suites to hard-hitting beats tinged with jazz, gospel, psych and soul. While it’s first and foremost in the hip-hop vein, Empyrean Creation ​​also defies easy categorization, a “beat tape” that’s equally akin to an eclectic radio DJ set.

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Seany Bsta Empyrean Creation