The Zenmenn

Enter The Zenmenn

The Zenmenn are a band shrouded in mystery. A search across the internet reveals little to nothing about the band’s background and this project really came out of nowhere (at least to me). But while their bio is short on detail, their music really speaks for itself. With their debut album, Enter The Zenmenn, The Zenmenn present a collection of laid back, magical synthscapes. 

Across nine songs, the album is a timeless trip that comes across as both forward-thinking and nostalgic, blending dream pop with new-agey vibes that don’t come across as too cheesy. Enter The Zenmenn combines a wide variety of tempos, instruments, styles and influences to create a warm, inviting and immersive listening experience. The sonic palette is expansive and the overall vibe is one of meditation and peak relaxation. 

To put it another way – picture yourself lounging in a hammock on a sunny afternoon. There’s a warm, gentle breeze in the air and the temperature is just right. Everything is still and perfect. This is the album you want to soundtrack this moment.

The Zenmenn - Enter The Zenmenn