Sleep D & Ad Lib Collective

Flashed Glass

Flashed Glass, the jaw-dropping collaboration between electronic duo Sleep D and chamber music ensemble Ad Lib Collective, was born out of fortuitous circumstances. Originally billed to play separate sets at an underground show in a Melbourne car park, the groups instead decided last minute to team up for a mostly improvisational live performance that saw them creating an unexpected and brilliant blend of styles. It became clear they’d unlocked something special and plans were made for further collaboration.

Two years later Flashed Glass was born, despite multiple pandemic-related hiccups along the way. The resulting album is a masterwork hybrid of swirling, ambient electronica punctuated by subtle classical instrumentation. Reminiscent of Blade Runner era Vangelis, it’s a meditative exercise, sparse yet lush, gentle, slow building scifi-tronic that’s best suited to headphone listening. Fabulous stuff.

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