A rundown of recently released singles that should definitely be gracing your playlists.

Heavy Rotation: Wiles Martyr, Kassa Overall, Gerald Bailey + more

Today we present the first edition of ‘Heavy Rotation’, a newly minted column dedicated to spotlighting freshly released singles that have been demanding repeat plays at Endless Crate. Without further ado, here’s a rundown of that new fire that should definitely be gracing your playlists.

Wiles Martyr – Out The Vault

Championing the raw energy and untamed talent of Philadelphia, the word wizard known as Wiles Martyr is hitting the rap scene with all cylinders firing.

With his latest single “Out The Vault,” Martyr leaps into the spotlight, decimating a tight beat produced by Krouse, ripping into it with a fervor reminiscent of a high-octane heist on Fort Knox. His rapid-fire delivery and vivid narrative prove that this Philly MC is more than a flash in the pan – he’s an ascendant star in Philly’s rap cosmos.

In simpler terms, he’s not just “on the rise,” he’s defining it.

Cellz x Fred Red – Short Cut

Munich’s budding singer-songwriter and sax maestro Cellz pairs up with Berlin’s own beat spinning genius Fred Red to cook up a sonic feast in the form of their captivating track, “Short Cut.”

This isn’t just a song, it’s an experience. The music melds mystery with romance, offering up a hypnotic blend of warm synths that whisper sweet nothings, lo-fi elements that hone in on that gritty realness, and a rhythm section marked by hushed drums. The vocals weave together in layers, fashioning an ethereal and lush atmosphere that invites you into a profound auditory immersion.

D-Styles & J Scienide – Slovakia

The raw eloquence of DC rap smith J Scienide links with the turntable wizardry of DJ D-Styles, once again gracing us with top-tier hip-hop magic.

This time, they’ve sculpted a unique gem, melding the hypnotic rhythms of Ethio-jazz into their boom-bap formula. If you’re a hip-hop enthusiast with a soft spot for unearthed treasures or a crate-digging connoisseur, prepare for a treat.

Gerald Bailey – Ensorcell

Chicago multi-instrumental virtuoso Gerald Bailey is redefining jazz’s sonic sphere, ingeniously reassembling familiar building blocks into something that can only be described as bedroom jazz. That’s jazz in its most intimate, most unfiltered form.

With his latest musical offering, Bailey seamlessly shapes layers of resonant horns and rhythmic drums into a multifaceted sound experience.

It’s an ode to all DIY music enthusiasts, proving that when it comes to creating magic, the size of your stage doesn’t matter; it’s all about the rhythm in your soul.

Reuben Vaun Smith – Sun Machine

As we reluctantly pack away our flip-flops and sunscreen, mourning yet another invigorating summer, Leeds-based beatsmith Reuben Vaun Smith comes to the rescue with a track that transcends seasonal divides.

This Balearic-infused, sunshine-tinged gem of a banger interlaces Middle Eastern hues through its electronic tapestry—a sonic embrace that brings the effervescence of the season straight to our headphones, even as the calendar marches on.

Don’t let the encroaching coolness of autumn get you down; instead, indulge in this universally relatable, life-affirming soundtrack that blurs the lines between seasons and inspires an endless summer mindset.

Rexx Life Raj x thuy – Summers Around The Corner

Set against the hypnotic backdrop of thuy’s celestial voice, Rexx Life Raj harnesses the raw, soulful energy of T-Pain and taps into the evocative depth of Leon Bridges. The result? An impeccably crafted, sun-bathed anthem that will make you feel as if you’re perpetually suspended in the golden haze of an endless summer.

No matter your music taste or where you find yourself, this one’s going to hit close to home. It’s not just a soundtrack – it’s a soulful journey replete with feelings of nostalgia, longing, and the sweet promise of an eternal summer.

Kassa Overall – 2 Sentimental

Earlier this year, Kassa Overall, the genre-blending jazz mover-and-shaker, unveiled his first album with Warp, the tantalizingly titled Animals. Now he gives us another taste of his inventive artistry with the standalone single, “2 Sentimental.”

This isn’t your grandma’s cover; it’s a fresh take on Duke Ellington’s classic, “In A Sentimental Mood,” reinvented through the brooding performance of Sullivan Fortner. The track is flushed out with Stephan Crump’s resonating acoustic bass and Isabella Du Graf’s sultry vocals that add layers of silky texture.

And in a surprising but fitting touch, the track tips its hat to OutKast’s “Git Up, Git Out.”

Erick The Architect x Channel Tres – Ambrosia

Flatbush Zombies’ creative powerhouse Erick the Architect joins forces with California smooth crooner Channel Tres in their tantalizing new single, “Ambrosia.”

This pairing is a match made in musical heaven, dishing out an irresistible helping of sultry hip-hop-meets-house pleasure designed to fuel your night full of hedonistic delights. With its chilled-out grooves and free-flowing interplay, “Ambrosia” showcases the effortless synergy between these two maestros of cool.

Yin Yin – The Year Of The Rabbit

Floating in from Holland’s southern frontier of Maastricht comes “The Year of the Rabbit,” a heady preview of Yīn Yīn’s upcoming 3rd album, Mount Matsu, slated for release on January 19th, 2024.

The four-piece band, known for their tight-knit camaraderie have forged together a potpourri of instrumental enthusiasm marked by cosy, tape-drenched psych-disco, globe-trotting funk, nostalgic electronics, and tribal explorations.