High-End Gutter

A clinic in low end beat-making from Berlin-based producer Kutmah. J Dilla and MF Doom’s influence looms large throughout, nowhere more apparent than on the aptly titled tracks “time for Doom / more party to rock” and “Dilla day.” But beyond paying homage to two of the best to ever step up to an MPC, Kutmah flexes his own innovative production style and sonic range across the album’s 16 tracks. 

Chopped vocals drive the piano-driven standout “if they push the button,” while sparse, dusty drum loops accentuate the RZA-esque “freestyle blips.”  Further on, the mostly drumless “holy smoke” provides psychedelic ambiance and “seasons change / ride out” ends things on a high note, a one and half minute teaser of a track that leaves you yearning for more.

Kutmah - High-End Gutter