Nacho Picasso & Televangel

Jesse’s Revenge

Jesse Robinson, known in the music world as Nacho Picasso, is a towering figure in the Seattle hip-hop scene. With his slow flow and darkly humorous lyrics, Nacho has carved out a unique niche over his decade-plus rap career, earning accolades from underground heads and publications like Pitchfork and Vice. He’s a seasoned artist with a slew of solo projects like Black Narcissus and Trances With Wolves, and collaborative efforts with renowned production duo Blue Sky Black Death like Exalted and Stoned & Dethroned. Now, with Jesse’s Revenge, Nacho teams up with Televangel, a former member of Blue Sky Black Death (BSBD) who now solo produces from Portland, Oregon. 

As a huge fan of Nacho’s BSBD collaborations, I was excited to hear Jesse’s Revenge and it really delivers, providing an immersive listening experience that feels both raw and cinematic. Known for meticulously crafted beats, Televangel’s work with artists like Seattle MC AJ Suede and up-and-coming Portland rapper Milc have been some of my favorite rap records of the past few years and his production provides an atmospheric backdrop for Nacho’s brooding lyrics. 

The album’s standout moments come when Nacho’s lyrics intersect with Televangel’s brooding production. “Nacho Blues 2” is a prime example, with a hauntingly beautiful beat that serves as the perfect canvas for Nacho’s contemplative verses. Similarly, tracks like “Dear Druggies” and “Do It For Johnny” stand out as quintessential examples of the duo’s chemistry, seamlessly melding Nacho’s laid-back flow with shimmering, slowed-down beats.

The introspective nature of Nacho’s lyrics adds depth throughout the album, showcasing his growth as an artist while maintaining his signature edge and dark humor. As Nacho delves into his opinions and aspirations, the album resonates with a bold, unfiltered expression that’s compelling and unforgettable. The result is a sound that harkens back to Nacho’s earlier work with Blue Sky Black Death yet feels refreshed and evolved. 

Jesse’s Revenge marks a significant chapter in both Nacho and Televangel’s discographies. For Nacho, the album captures an artist who’s grown wiser yet remains unflinchingly honest and raw, delivering his trademark comically sinister lyrics with a deliberate flow that draws you into his world of dark humor and off-kilter observations. It also marks a pinnacle moment in Televangel’s path as a solo producer, as he delivers beats that blend the best of his BSBD days with an updated sound that serves as the perfect backdrop for Nacho’s narratives. Overall, Jesse’s Revenge stands as a triumphant return for Nacho Picasso, solidifying him and Televangel as a formidable duo in hip-hop.

Jesse’s Revenge drops July 12 via Old Soul Music

Jesse's Revenge marks a triumphant return for Nacho Picasso and longtime collaborator Televangel.