June McDoom

June McDoom

June McDoom’s debut EP is an incredibly varied collection that pulls from her diverse influences and interests, often reaching back decades to touch on the music of the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s. A collection that’s deeply cohesive despite its wide range of sounds, June McDoom sets herself apart by blending these influences so perfectly that it evokes a seamless experience.

June McDoom’s music is a slow-motion take on lush and intricate indie rock. McDoom weaves ambient melodies and gentle beats into a tapestry of subtle beauty. Sonically sparse with individually complex layers, it brings to mind the dreamlike landscapes of Simon & Garfunkel, as well as contemporaries like The War On Drugs. A tinge of Joan Baez is also evident in McDoom’s voice, but there’s an undeniable sense of sureness to this young artist that makes June McDoom one of the most exciting debuts to come out in recent memory.

Her self-titled album’s hypnotic soundscape is complemented by fluid and evocative vocals that draw you into its gorgeous world, one song at a time. The result is an album that shifts between serene, contemplative moments of rapture – as in “By June” – and hard-hitting tracks like “Stone After Stone,” where her voice bellows out across reverb-laden guitars like a commanding yet caressing wind.

As a whole, the album is full of surprises: a folk-rock record that lets the singer’s voice roam free, mixing up its rhythms and textures with a range of influences. The result is a lively and unconfined sound, mixing folk-rock sounds with elements of soul, pop and post-punk. The record is airtight, but the singer’s whispery delivery takes the edge off. It’s a gorgeous, hypnotic piece of work that you can listen to again and again yet still feel like you’re hearing new things.

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