Maylee Todd


Maloo, the latest album from L.A.-based artist/producer/musician Maylee Todd, is a mesmerizing concept album that weaves a contemporary tale of innovation and utopia through pop hooks, futuristic sound design and thought-provoking lyrics. As you might expect from a project that was created in tandem with learning virtual reality programming, Maloo is a conceptual album centered around Todd’s invented digital avatar, that takes us on a journey through the utopian potential of technology.

Todd calls the music “science fiction lullabies,” and it’s an apt descriptor. The set of songs across Maloo feature Maylee Todd’s light and airy voice in combination with low synths, riffs and drums that feel like drifting away from the Northern hemisphere into another world. Maylee Todd possesses a certain wistful, dreamy quality that still feels accessible and contemporary. Ethereal ambience, warm sounds and sparse percussion create subtle texture for Todd’s floating vocals. Psychedelic, ambient, neo-soul, and R&B; Maloo is all these things at once and more. The quintessential cosmic trip, it’s a celestial ocean of sound, a genre-bending work that introduces us to an exciting new artist to watch.

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Cover art for Maylee Todd album Maloo