Memoirs & Travels

Written and recorded in Arkansas, Zurich, Switzerland and St. Louis, Missouri, Passport is a fittingly named international collaboration between Swiss producer George BTP (aka Dan Piu) and American lyricist Roger Versey. 

With Memoirs & Travels, the transatlantic duo has crafted one of the more striking albums of the year. The Chicago and Detroit influences are immediately present and felt throughout, as George BTP presents a sonic palette of jazzy, future-retro electronic sounds ranging from deep house, techno and breakbeat to g-funk and trip hop. Meanwhile, everything is underpinned by Versey’s silky smooth, deeply erotic lyrics. Think 2 Live Crew meets Larry Heard and you come close to matching the vibe. 

It’s a brilliant combo and Memoirs & Travels is a timeless album I’ll surely be coming back to for years to come.

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