Leo Almunia

Minor Circle

Minor Circle, the debut solo album from Leo Ceccanti – performing here under his Leo Almunia alias – is as gorgeous and sun-kissed an album you’ll hear all year. It’s also music that defies easy categorization, as Almunia produces a relentlessly laid back, mutant mashup of styles. Acoustic guitar is front and center on most tracks, but it’s the subtle ambient and electronic undertones that really make the album shine and separate it out as something intriguing and special. If forced to put a label on it, screwed-up-new-age-balearic-psych-dub-disco comes to mind. Think Carlos Santana meets Caribou. It’s an intriguing mix of styles for sure, and Almunia pulls it off with swagger and ease, showcasing a masterful ability to craft complex, airy soundscapes perfect for late night listening.

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Leo Almunia Minor Circle