Misha Panfilov

The Sea Will Outlive Us All

Misha Panfilov is a master of psychedelic music, a sonic scientist whose intricate and experimental work stands out because it’s organic and soulful but also cinematic and gorgeous. Hailing from Estonia, Panfilov has crafted a sound that’s equal parts jazz, electronic and ambient. He’s an artist on a quest to discover unimagined universes of sound and his latest solo venture, The Sea Will Outlive Us All, continues his vision of building an auditory universe from the raw materials of vintage instruments.

Marrying the grace and tranquility of jazz with the earthiness of folk music, the album strikes a tone that’s far ahead and in a very singular place. Every note has been meticulously sculpted, each layer carefully crafted to weave a beautiful web of sound. The album covers a lot of musical ground within its nine tracks yet maintains a cohesive sound throughout, from dreamy ambient to cosmic grooves, all imbued with Panfilov’s signature notes of hazy bliss.

An artist with one foot in the past, Misha Panfilov possesses a deft touch that enables him to create something entirely new out of old elements. When all is said and done, The Sea Will Outlive Us All is a gorgeous and breathtaking journey into the mind of one of today’s most interesting musicians, a mind-bending acid trip through the heart of the cosmos. This is music for the patient listener who likes to have time alone with a record and sink into its soundscapes.

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Album cover art for The Sea Will Outlive Us All, an album by Misha Panfilov.