Move 78

Automated Improvisation

Having found an unusual and seemingly unending balance between a completely free-flowing, improvised jazz music style and automated hip-hop rhythms, Move 78 stands out as one of Berlin’s most unique bands. The band combines elements of live instrumentation with a deep knowledge of beats and rhythm, creating music that is both highly engaging and technically fascinating.

Layers of texture and rhythm make up the soundscape of Automated Improvisation, Move 78’s newest album. The album’s nine tracks were created on the spot during studio sessions, and then chopped up, rearranged and layered with additional strings, flute and horns. A unique combination of technical beats, improvised jazz and technology, the result is a record that pushes genre boundaries, featuring nine tracks that are sure to leave you mesmerized by both their emotional power and technical mastery.

Truly an album to be listened to from beginning to end, Automated Improvisation displays Move 78’s diverse musicality. The album presents a bold, progressive sound that will appeal to both casual music listeners as well as connoisseurs. If you’re a fan of jazz blended with elements of hip-hop, funk and soul, then you need to get your hands on Automated Improvisation.

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