Boldy James & Futurewave

Mr. Ten08

Boldy James has always been a commanding presence. He’s one of the most provocative and charismatic rappers working today. He’s also one of the most talented and hard working emcees to come out of Detroit in recent years, releasing four albums and a slew of excellent singles this year alone (so far).

Equally prolific, producer Futurewave has been on one hell of a run in the past couple of years, crafting gem after gem for underground heads’ listening pleasure. His unique style and consistency puts him ahead of a lot of producers out there and it’s only a matter of time until the world wakes up and really gets in tune with what he is doing.

With Mr. Ten08, James and Futurewave come together for a project that shows the two might have some of the best chemistry in the industry. A half hour journey, the album reminds us that Boldy James is one of rap’s best storytellers. His punchlines and wordplay are impeccable, as are his ability to tell captivating stories and display real life struggles in a relatable fashion. He showcases a way with words that captures your attention and raps with a laid-back clarity that sets him apart from many of his contemporaries.

Futurewave taps into a dark yet soulful vibe by layering drums with plinking pianos, droning organs and off-kilter vocal samples to create a lush fusion of beats rooted in the dulcet tones of soul-jazz. With this backdrop in place, James channels the best of himself: he assumes multiple roles over ten tracks spanning 30 minutes, acting as both narrator and star attraction throughout.

By dynamically stretching the possibilities of rap while maintaining a classic sound, Mr​.​Ten08 breathes new life into hip-hop. It’s an album that refuses to exist in a single genre and is all the more exciting for it—a timeless hip-hop record made by two genuine originals.

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Boldy James and producer Futurewave come together for a project that shows the two might have some of the best chemistry in hip-hop.