Sam Gendel & Sam Wilkes

Music for Saxophone and Bass Guitar More Songs

Sam Gendel and Sam Wilkes return with another spaced out jazz gem. Music for Saxophone and Bass Guitar More Songs is a follow up to the duo’s equally unsubtly titled Music for Saxophone and Bass Guitar, which was widely praised and considered by many to be an underground jazz milestone. 

More Songs collects nine tracks from the duo that, as implied by the title, mainly comprise works centered around Gendel’s saxophone and Wilkes’ bass guitar. While the format sounds exceedingly simple, the pair manage to stretch it into unexpected and gorgeous directions. Programmed drums and trip-hop undertones appear across multiple tracks, creating an atmosphere that blends jazz and electronic into an exciting whole. 

As always, Gendel’s sax playing is nothing short of astounding, as he elicits an achingly beautiful  tone on tracks such as “STREETLEVEL” and “THEEMPROTOTYPE.” It’s another exciting listen from a duo on the cutting-edge of jazz.

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