Na Lagoa

Electronic duo Xique-Xique recorded their debut album, Na Lagoa, over the course of three years in Istanbul, Bangkok and Brazil. These disparate recording locales lend a worldly and tropical flavor to the edgy beats and shimmering synths that comprise the album’s 10 tracks. It also informs the sounds heard within, as field recordings of animals and insects become interchangeable parts of the sonic whole. 

Composed to simulate a day at “na lagoa” (the lake), the album is structured into four sections – dawn, midday, nightfall and midnight. This arrangement allows the tracks to slowly build, lulling you into a pleasant, meditative rhythm. It’s a smooth listen, great for fans of similarly minimal electronic composers like Pantha du Prince, equally well suited for listening on the move and lazy, relaxing days.

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xique-xique na lagoa