Spectacular Diagnostics

Natural Mechanics

The latest album from Chicago producer Spectacular Diagnostics is a, well, spectacular collection of soulful boom bap beats interspersed with tasteful guest appearances from some of underground hip-hop’s best MCs. Showcasing Spectacular Diagnostic’s signature lof-fi boom bap sound (which he’s dubbed “moon bap”), Natural Mechanics is a blissful and lush laid back listen. 

Mid-album standout track “Molasses” sounds like a jazzy hybrid between Houston’s screwed-up sound and early DJ Muggs productions, while “Like Me” uses a gospel vocal loop to create an evocative, soulful banger of a beat. Elsewhere, “_less than” features Philly MC lojii (a current fave) rapping over a lush, sun-tinged piano loop.  

The whole album is a breezy ride of soulful, headnodic production that will have you nodding your head from start to finish.

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Spectacular Diagnostics - Natural Mechanics