Nobody Planning To Leave

Listening to ShrapKnel’s Nobody Planning To Leave is like falling into a rabbit hole where the line between reality and dystopia blurs until it vanishes. This is the sonic equivalent of a surgical procedure without anesthesia.

Curly Castro and PremRock, the Philly duo who make up ShrapKnel, don’t just rap—they slice through each track with precision, their verses dripping with raw energy and wrapped in esoteric themes that twist like a knife. Controller 7’s production doesn’t just set the stage—it’s the relentless force of nature that shapes the album. His beats are the bedrock of this engrossing soundscape, cohesive yet constantly groundbreaking.

Then there are the guest appearances: ELUCID, Onry Ozzborn, Lungs, and Breezly Brewin, among others. These aren’t just features; they’re volatile compounds in an already explosive mix. Tracks like “Illusions of P” and “Dadaism 3” (where Open Mike Eagle’s verse detonates like a bomb) hit with the force of a sledgehammer. And “8 Finga Piano,” with cuts from D-Styles of the Beat Junkies, is a masterclass in raw, unfiltered sound.

The album digs deep into themes of persistence and surrender, embodying the relentless grind and passion that fuel ShrapKnel’s artistry. This isn’t just an album to listen to—it’s an album to survive. Nobody Planning To Leave isn’t merely heard; it seeps into your bones, dragging you through the uncharted territories of hip-hop’s darkest recesses.

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Artwork for the album Nobody Planning To Leave by ShrapKnel.