Our latest installment of "Overlooked Gems" delves into the world of music to unearth a selection of underrated albums that are sure to enthrall discerning listeners.

Overlooked Gems: November 2023

Welcome to the latest installment of “Overlooked Gems.” Every month, Endless Crate delves into the world of music to unearth a selection of albums from the past month which, while they might have slipped under the mainstream radar, are absolutely worthy of your attention and are sure to enthrall discerning listeners. Without further preamble, let’s dive into this month’s hidden musical treasures that are simply too good to be overlooked.

Gabe ‘Nandez – H.T. III (Deluxe)

Released in September, the original H.T. III has its roots in a solitary search for the nearly extinct, potent peyote plant in the sacred expanse of Wirikuta, Mexico (one of the only places where peyote still grows wild). Here, New York-bred artist Gabe ‘Nandez sought healing and inspiration after a tumultuous period of personal trials. Resulting from this time of personal exploration, H.T. III bursts to life with the psychedelic discovery of the plant, leading to an outpouring of transformative creativity that houses some of ‘Nandez’s finest and most evocative lyrics. Amplified by the production of Tel Aviv’s Argov, it’s a fierce battle for the soul, shuffling between earthly dilemmas and celestial yearnings. This deluxe version adds 11 new tracks and some choice guest appearances to elevate an already incredible album.

Doctor Bionic – Spiritual Conquest

Cincinnati-based DJ and producer Jason Grimez captivates with his soulful, timeless music crafted under the alias Doctor Bionic. His latest release, Spiritual Conquest, expertly fuses the live energy of Cincinnati’s finest studio musicians with the raw edge of ’90s rap into a dynamic assortment of instrumental hip-hop tunes. The eclectic range of tracks on the album includes punchy, infectious beats along with heady piano melodies which should appeal to raw funk aficionados and hip-hop heads alike.

H31R – HeadSpace

A collaboration between New Jersey producer JWords and Brooklyn rapper maassai, H31R presents a unique blend of intricate electronic-rap. Their debut offering, 2020’s ve​·​loc​·​i​·​ty, intertwined Jersey club rhythms with booming drums, distorted loops and philosophical musings, and HeadSpace further elevates their collective vision. Audacious and transformative, the album features offbeat, futuristic tracks that seemingly teleport soundwaves from another dimension.

Tara Clerkin Trio – On The Turning Ground

With their latest album, On The Turning Ground, Bristol-based band Tara Clerkin Trio marks an impressive comeback nearly two years since their last release, offering a selection of five distinctively imaginative and emotionally engulfing songs. The album’s heart contains three vocal-led compositions that subtly gravitate towards a unique, avant-pop interpretation. Tracks like “Marble Walls” and “The Turning Ground” vividly exhibit melodic exuberance, reminiscent of the late 90s trend of warping pop music to unique and unfamiliar terrains.


In “HOLD ON TO DEER LIFE, THERE’S A BLCAK BOY BEHIND YOU!”, Kabeaushé ventures into new territory by infusing rawness, eccentricity, and a palpable rave energy into each track. The music presents a mesmerizing blend of angelic harmonies and beats, combining modern pop sensibilities with a deeply profound sonic impact. Standout tracks such as “DAY ONE”, “MITTE”, and “IF IT’S FLYING, FLY!” showcase a thematic coherence while offering an eclectic mix of powerful lyrics and innovative instrumentals.

lojii x Alexander Spit – $TARTER_PACK

$TARTER_PACK, the new collaborative album by Philly rapper lojii and LA producer Alexander Spit, is an endearing nod to the Starter jacket era through its sound and narrative theme. Positioned as a “soundtrack to your hustle,” the duo crafts a musical offering that layers lo-fi, sun-soaked beats beneath smooth flows and lyrics that echo Goodie Mobb’s legendary ethos to “get up, get out there and get something.” The presence of underground stalwarts like Pink Siifu (featured on “rotation”) and Reaper Mook (heard on “feel mo’ free”) adds depth and diversity to a project that serves as a potent homage capable of fueling our hustles for a long while.