With Pantea, Italian electronic producer Lorenzo_BITW drops a 10 track “love letter” to his home country. Exploring themes of mythology and tradition, the album is a sonically rich set of instrumentals that’s as diverse as the melting pot of cultures that make up modern Italy. Which is exactly the point, as Lorenzo aims to create a “utopian world where inclusivity and celebration of our differences are paramount.” 

This multicultural approach is clear from the drop. Opening track “Petali Blu” features a downtempo Brazilian samba beat backed by lilting horns, while title track “Pantea” cranks things up a notch with a shuffling beat and infectious synth melody. Later tracks find Lorenzo dipping into tropical house (“Calla”), nu jazz (“Mirabilia”), and dubby electronica (“Spiriti”). Throughout Lorenzo invites in a number of Italian artists to bring his tale of modern Italy to life, including producers Clap! Clap!, Daykoda and Grindalf.

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Lorenzo_BITW Pantea