Andrés Ivan Mele

Radio Burbuja

There is something undeniably cinematic about Andrés Ivan Mele’s production and his dreamy textured beat tape, Radio Burbuja. Mele has created a whole other world in which to escape to, a sonic and cultural blend that is all his own and that draws upon influences from around the globe. The sounds of bells, guitars, synths, electric organs and samples of various origins weaved within the silky fabric of this album to create a wonderful array of textures and timbres that make it a joy to listen to.

Radio Burbuja is a beautifully designed collection of songs that can be consumed individually, yet are best showcased as one fully immersive continuous listening experience. The sheer scope of this beat tape is staggering, with 40 minutes of rhythmically expansive instrumentals and chock full of beautiful moments that flow together wonderfully. If you find yourself looking for the perfect soundtrack to accompany a long journey, or just a relaxing night in, look no further than Radio Burbuja.

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With Radio Barbuja, producer Andrés Ivan Mele presents a rhythmically expansive beat tape chock full of beautiful moments that flow together wonderfully.