Lee Fields

Sentimental Fool

Lee Fields is a living legend in soul music. He’s released more than 20 albums and has been recording longer than I’ve been alive. He’s stood the test of time and is still performing for enthusiastic audiences around the world. He’s a genuine, old school soul singer who has the gift of both heart and voice.

With Sentimental Fool, Lee Fields’ continues to do what he does best: deliver the good old fashioned soul. The soul veteran is a throwback in many respects. He’s one of few artists/frontmen/vocalists who can still hit notes as seemingly effortless as he did in his youth, and he also has a sound that’s rooted in a time that many have forgotten about. And it’s this dedication to crooning, classic soul that makes Lee Fields such an important artist.

Sentimental Fool returns to a sound that Lee Fields started with more than 40 years ago and shows why he remains such a vital force in music today. This is what it sounds like when a master craftsman gives you everything he’s got. As always, Lee Fields’ voice is front and center. It’s characteristic of the classic southern soul singer: a high-power, emotive instrument that can bring a tear to your eye. There is a sadness in Lee Fields’ voice. It’s not a whining or self-pitying wail you hear in modern music. It’s a lament from heartbreak and betrayal, immersed in the struggle of life, but refusing to give up on love or turn bitter.

Lee Fields is a force to be reckoned with in modern soul music and his latest effort is an epic undertaking that only a seasoned veteran could deliver. Sentimental Fool, fueled by the raw emotion of love stories past and present, is one of the year’s finest releases.

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Cover art for the album Sentimental Fool by Lee Fields.