Soul Supreme

Award Tour (We Gettin’ Down)

How do you improve on a timeless classic? For Dutch producer/musician Soul Supreme, the answer is to pay homage to the original and explore new heights creatively. That’s exactly what we get with his A Tribe Called Quest tribute, “Award Tour (We Gettin’ Down),” which properly honors ATCQ’s legacy by covering a choice cut and adding his own flair.

With this limited-edition 45-inch, Soul Supreme not only brilliantly reinterprets A Tribe Called Quest’s original material but also pays homage to the lesser-known tracks sampled by the group. The A-side, featured here, is a rhythmic and nostalgic blend that does an exceptional job of fusing two legendary works of art – A Tribe Called Quest’s “Award Tour” and the late Weldon Irvine’s “We Gettin’ Down,” the 1976 track Q-Tip sampled for the track’s iconic beat.

Recorded with a live band, the song has been crafted with equal care and precision and layered with Soul Supreme’s own clean grooves and soul. The jazzy keys, smooth bass line and infectious drums of the originals all come together in what is, at times, a breathlessly enthralling burst of sound.

Soul Supreme’s deep knowledge of the musical architecture of Tribe’s music is heavily present throughout. It’s a humble tribute that keeps the original’s spirit alive and raises a toast to Tribe and Weldon.

Keep an eye out for the B-side reinterpretation of “Bonita Applebum,” which releases on April 1.

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Soul Supreme Award Tour