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Sounds of Lecak Vol. 1

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures, with many different voices and ideas intermingling. It’s no surprise that music has taken influence from so many different genres, cultures, and languages. Compiled by Kribo Records, Sounds of Lecak Vol. 1 is one such example of the genre-bending nature of Singaporean music — bringing together local sounds and influences to create something that is both traditional yet contemporary.

The story of Kribo Records begins with Maggot, an esoteric music junkie, musician and producer. Maggot founded Kribo Records in 2017 to showcase the diverse sounds stemming from Southeast Asia. Since then, he’s nurtured a label that’s putting a regional stamp on the global retro funk and soul movement.

Compiled by Maggot and released in conjunction with Kikagaku Moyo’s Guruguru Brain Records, Sounds of Lecak Vol. 1 showcases Kribo Record’s dedication to celebrating the unique and extraordinary music of the Malay archipelago. A collection of music by artists from the Singaporean underground, the album is a dynamic exploration of the Singaporean music scene encompassing a range of different sounds and styles—from funky, to ethereal and everything in between. Featuring an impressive list of artists, each track has its own distinguishable appeal which loop perfectly into an hour-long album listening experience.

Throughout the compilation’s 20 tracks, the boundaries of music blur, expand and merge with other genres that were once thought to be separate and distinct. The music, inspired by the indigenous word Lecak and its many meanings (moist, wet, muddy, and naughty), creates a unique musical style that fuses traditional Thai music, Afrobeat, disco, funk, psych, soul, and a bit of U.K. pop.

As a whole, the collection gives insight into the musical attitude of Kribo Records, and provides a glimpse into the culture of Singapore.

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Cover art for Sounds of Lecak Vol 1 compilation out now on Guruguru Brain Records