Space Ghost

Private Paradise

It’s rare that an album comes along which feels like a perfect portrait of where the artist is in the moment. It’s even rarer when that portrait makes its audience feel like a part of what the artist is feeling and experiencing. The latest offering from Space Ghost, Private Paradise for label Pacific Rhythm, is just such an album — and it’s no wonder that it took over two years to come to fruition as its creation was truly an extension into musical expression through introspection and rejuvenation.

Private Paradise is an ode to the Northern California coast, a place Space Ghost often visits to escape the hectic nature of Oakland city life and regain optimism and enthusiasm for the outside world. Mixing uplifting dream house music with meditative ambient textures, the entire album is a cresting wave of vibrant beauty and warm sound design that’s punctuated by subtle sounds of nature. Restorative music indeed.

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cover art for space ghost album private paradise