The Diasonics

Origin Of Forms

The Diasonics are an instrumental group from Moscow. Forming in 2019, this five-piece band has released a string of stellar 7″ singles over the past few years, featuring original raw funk materials and covers of hip-hop classics like Outkast’s “Ms. Jackson.”

The band calls their unique sound “hassar funk” and it’s a vibrant blend of infectious deep funk rhythms and East European flavors with prominent hip-hop stylings. Heavily influenced by sounds of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, the mix of these influences makes you feel like you’re in an imaginary world, a world where funk meets LSD-laced psychedelia. With their debut album, Origin Of Forms, the band continue to expand their sound, producing an exotic combination that plays out like a soundtrack to a ‘70s spy film that never was.

Across 12 meticulously crafted tracks, The Diasonics seamlessly combine cinematic soundscapes and unorthodox instrumentals. The results are nothing short of magical. It’s an upbeat and eclectic collection that contains funky grooves and lush melodies. From heavy funk (“Gurami”) to trip-hop (“Andromeda”) to deep psych (“Spiders”), this LP has everything – intoxicating melodies, raw soul and deep Eastern rhythms.

With Origin Of Forms, The Diasonics have created their own sound, based on their influences and origins. Their music is exciting and original, and maintains a certain cohesion despite its diversity. It’s an amazing collection of instrumentals and funky soul tracks, and it’s hard to imagine a groovier album than this one. Each track is a solid gem that’s a great piece on its own, with a distinct identity and yet deeply linked with the whole concept of the album. There’s not one weak moment or a single track that you’ll want to skip, each song has something unique and special in itself. It’s an LP that has the power to hypnotize you, captivating from start to finish.

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