The Soul Surfers

Igor & Romeo’s Sound Excitement

The Soul Surfers return on the Ubiquity Records label with their latest album, Igor & Romeo’s Sound Excitement, which at first glance may be one of the most different records they’ve released. Igor Zhukovsky and Romeo Miussky have continually explored new territory with every Soul Surfers release, so even this slight twist into a completely different side from their previous work sets the stage for a unique listen that highlights some of the best qualities of the group’s jazz and funk combination.

Melding a variety of different styles and elements into one great record is something few (if any) soul combos can pull off in today’s musical climate—but the Soul Surfers do exactly that on their Sound Excitement album. Featuring nods to jazz, funk, and other eccentric musical styles, the set is an exploration in musical freedom that never feels unlistenable.

This group has always been known for their ability to surprise us with all their different twists and turns in musical styles – but this album is almost like a completely different aesthetic than usual – almost like they went back to their roots as jazz players. It’s definitely not what we’re used to from these guys – but it’s also something very special!

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Cover art for The Soul Surfers album Sound Excitement