Velvetian Sky


As a music lover, I was intrigued by Velvetian Sky, an enigmatic character who seems to reveal little about himself online. Information about him is scarce; I found myself squinting at scattered tidbits related to the releases of his work. But here’s something I can confidently say: this guy’s delivering some of the dopest beats rippling through the rap and R&B underground scene right now.

His latest EP, Family, is a confluence of distinctively lush beats and diverse vocal stylings. Clocking in at just under 12 minutes, it’s a short yet captivating listen that gives the distinct impression of viewing a kaleidoscope — with each twist new patterns and musical hues emerge.

The EP serves as a locus of interaction between the producer and a stellar guest lineup of some of the best rising voices in rap and R&B. It’s a testament to Velvetian Sky’s dexterity as a beatmaker that the varied voices of his guest performers not only work but thrive within the album’s curated space. Through five tracks imbued with his soul-drenched sonic signature, Velvetian Sky manages to craft music that both complements and stretches the creative potential of each guest.

A key highlight arrives when Velvetian Sky links with Philadelphia rapper lojii on “Lemonade.” Lojii, known for his introspection and relaxed delivery, adds a distinctive east coast feel to the track, perfectly balancing Velvetian Sky’s west coast smoothness. And on the track “Both Sides,” rising rap crooner Pink Siifu’s presence is akin to a quiet storm—enveloping and drawing you in with his relaxed, soulful inflection.

Intricate, captivating, and raw, Family is a testament to both Velvetian Sky’s immense talent and potential as a producer, and also to the growing versatility of the hip-hop and R&B landscape.

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