Vol. II Baca Sewa

Baca Sewa was Daptone Records artist Cochemea’s original family name before Spanish colonization. This nod to his ancestry sets the stage for Vol. II Baca Sewa, the second studio album from Cochemea and follow-up to 2019’s All My Relations. The music also breaks the mold of what listeners have come to expect from Daptone Records, the label responsible for such acts as Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings and Charles Bradley.

Although a prolific sax player in his own right, Cochemea eschews the soul revivalist sound Daptone is most known for in favor of a raw, percussion-driven tapestry of indigenous and modern styles. Working with a seven piece ensemble featuring some of Daptone’s (and therefore New York City’s) finest musicians, Vol. II: Baca Sewa is first and foremost a cultural journey and ode to Cochemea’s familial history. “Chito’s Song” is dedicated to a beloved uncle, “Black Pearl” is an ode to Cochemea’s great grandfather and closing track “Baca Sewa” features vocals and drumming from the Baca Sewa Singers, a group composed of multiple generations of family members. 

This familial bond lends a powerful intimacy to the music. The album also plays out like a single take, each track flowing directly into the next in a relentless, spiritual stream of consciousness. It’s an ethereal and intriguing combination and a captivating listen from start to finish. 

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