Walter The Producer


In a world obsessed with the superficial, Walter The Producer stands out for his raw, unfiltered emotion. At just 21, he’s crafted an album that peels back the layers of his soul and presents them to a world that often looks away from naked honesty. His latest album, PLEASE HELP ME I’M SCARED, isn’t just a collection of songs but a profound testament to a life lived on the edge of creativity and unease.

Walter’s musical journey began playing guitar and piano at the age of 10 and escalated to producing beats by 13. Now, his early start has culminated in an album that feels both meticulously crafted and also spontaneous.

Walter describes PLEASE HELP ME I’M SCARED as a project born from a period of confusion. Despite his rising success and the burgeoning recognition of his music, he grappled with depression and anxiety. This paradox—achieving dreams while feeling increasingly desolate—infuses the album with a haunting quality throughout. Walter’s narrative is one of profound dissonance, where the excitement of dreams realized clashes with the undercurrent of mental struggle. This duality is captured brilliantly in his music, offering listeners a window into his tumultuous journey.

The album’s sound is a kaleidoscopic blend of disco, pop, funk and indie rock, transcending genre boundaries and defying easy categorization. Opening track “I’M SCARED” is a haunting masterpiece with blunt and unembellished lyrics. Psychedelic guitars weave through hypnotic drum patterns, creating an instrumental that cradles Walter’s falsetto—a voice dripping with sincerity and tinged with unease. In a time when vulnerability is often masked, Walter’s candor is both jarring and refreshing.

Yet, amid the introspection, there are moments of buoyant defiance. Tracks like “SO I DANCED” offer a counterbalance to the album’s heavier moments. And the infectious hook of “THEY TOOK THE NIGHT” is poised to become a summer anthem, a testament to Walter’s ability to straddle the line between reflection and joyous escapism.

As Walter prepares to take the stage at this year’s Lollapalooza festival, PLEASE HELP ME I’M SCARED stands as a defining moment in his career. It’s an album that captures the essence of a young artist wrestling with his demons while reaching for the stars, showcasing a journey through the highs and lows of a soul laid bare.

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Up-and-comer Walter The Producer delivers a kaleidoscopic blend of disco pop and indie fun just in time for summer listening.