Wavy Bagels & DRIVEBY

A Carfull

In A Carfull, New York MC Wavy Bagels and producer DRIVEBY ask what happens when you stuff a Subaru full of bagels, turning an absurd concept into a brilliant journey that hearkens back to golden era heroes like De la Soul and Prince Paul, artists who didn’t take themselves too seriously but also talked about some real shit.

The absurdity of stuffing a Subaru with bagels transforms into a captivating exploration of sound and story. Wavy Bagels and DRIVEBY don’t just throw bagels into a Subaru; they launch you into a chaotic, dystopian joyride. DRIVEBY’s beats are raw, industrial, and unyielding, pushing you forward and daring you to hold on as Wavy Bagels steers through lyrical alleyways and sonic booby traps. With features from tri-state talent like Fatboi Sharif, GAM, Lungs, OneShotOnce, S!LENCE, Slim Carrey, and Homeboy Sandman, every track is a chapter in an urban epic.

The beats are relentless, the lyrics sharp, navigating different themes with a deft hand. A Carfull demands your attention, forces you to buckle up and brace yourself for an unpredictable journey. It’s not just an album, it’s an experience that grips your attention and doesn’t let go.

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Artwork for the album A Carfull by Wavy Bagels and DRIVEBY