Centre El Muusa

Purple Stones

Centre El Muusa is a psychedelic rock quartet from Tallinn started by prolific multi-instrumentalist/composer Misha Panfilov and friends. The group’s new album, Purple Stones, continues the Estonian rockers’ journey into psychedelic blues and soul. It’s a wonderful, varied record exploring all kinds of sounds and emotions—from heavy, driving riffs to sultry acoustic guitar solos.

Each track has its own singular character but at their core they all share a common aesthetic of low fidelity soundscapes with unexpected twists at every turn. Thanks to meticulous recording and mixing, as well as careful use of reverb, everything sounds fresh and new. The music Centre El Muusa lay down here is slow and dreamy, but with more than enough intensity and energy to keep it interesting. The band’s unique blend of traditional krautrock, Americana, blues and psychedelic sounds is matched perfectly with an immaculate sense for arrangement and attention to detail that make Purple Stones a timeless classic from the very first listen.

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Purple Stones continues Estonian rockers Centre El Muusa's journey into psychedelic blues and soul.