A rundown of recently released singles that should definitely be gracing your playlists.

Heavy Rotation: 13th Ward Social Club, Mic Capes, JJ Whitefield + more

“Heavy Rotation” spotlights freshly released singles that have been demanding repeat plays at Endless Crate. Without further ado, here’s a rundown of that new fire that should definitely be gracing your playlists.

13th Ward Social Club – The Basement

13th Ward Social Club is the brainchild of Providence’s Justin Caton, a self-taught musician who’s claimed his unique niche as a one-man band who creates a tapestry of sounds woven from the sounds of yesteryear. Crafting music in genres ranging from samba to soul, his work is united by a love for dusty drums drums and infectious melodies. With his latest single, “The Basement,” Catoni presents a retro-tinged number with twilight vibes, pounding rhythm and gritty hip-hop infusion.

Lady Wray – Come On In (Les Imprimés Remix)

Les Imprimés works his production magic on a remix of the enchanting soul sensation “Come On In,” breathing new life and energy into Lady Wray’s original creation. Boasting an infectious g-funk bassline and guitar lick, this remix instantly pulls you in and doesn’t let go. This rework should keep us held over while we eagerly await Wray’s new album with El Michels Affair, due in 2024.

Mic Capes – Vanna White

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, rapper Mic Capes tells stories, paints pictures, and throws in social commentary, all while getting you nodding to the rhythm of his beat. Capes’ latest single, “Vanna White,” swirls into the scene with a laid-back flow and groove that hooks you from the jump, providing an effortless showcase of Capes’ smoother side.

Thysenterprise – Feedback of Silence

Thysenterprise, aka Reinier Thijs, is carving out his niche with a fusion of jazz brilliance and hip-hop flair. Reinier’s new single, “Feedback of Silence,” is a masterpiece where hard bop meets avant-garde, treading improvisational peaks while grounded by layered beats reminisce of legends like Karriem Riggins and A Tribe Called Quest.

JJ Whitefield – No-Mo-Woa

In the vibrant world of underground music, JJ Whitefield stands as a German maestro who’s been championing multiple sub-genres for the better part of two decades with bands like Poets of Rhythm and Whitefield Brothers. Whitefield’s latest, “No-Mo-Woa,” is a hard funk track that packs a punch with its masterful mix of wah-wah guitar, reverberating vibes, and drums that pulsate to a rhythm sure to have your head bobbing.

H31R feat. Quelle Chris – Down Down Bb

With “Down Down Bb”, H31R, the inventive hip-hop duo of J-Words and maassai, unveil another flavorful taste of what’s in store on their upcoming album—showcasing with a skittering, stripped-down beat reminiscent of Jersey club tunes. Producer JWords deftly crafts a beat that’s almost celestial, laying the foundation for maassai and guest rapper Quelle Chris to enthrall listeners without even needing to raise the volume.

Johnny Ruiz & The Escapades – Sorry

Fresh off the presses of Penrose Records, Johnny Ruiz & The Escapades are back with another 45-inch single, dialing up the charm with their nostalgic, retro soul vibes that are sure to coax out a smile from fans who find comfort in the sounds of similar artists like Lee Fields, Sharon Jones, or Charles Bradley.

Karma Knows – Wussah

Karma Knows, the versatile Seattle-based rapper and crooner, turns heads with a soul-infused track that melds the best of both worlds, reminiscent of Anderson Paak’s flair with a dash of Andre 3000’s unforgettable “Hey Ya” vibes.