Highlighting new singles from rapper Deniro Farrar, up-and-coming singer Harra, Philly MC lojii and more.

Heavy Rotation: Deniro Farrar & Televangel, Harra, lojii & Alexander Spit + more

“Heavy Rotation” spotlights freshly released singles that have been demanding repeat plays at Endless Crate.

Deniro Farrar – Nightmare

Cult rap icon Deniro Farrar has already blessed us with a string of exceptional singles in 2023, partnering with frequent collaborator Televangel. Now, Deniro and Televangel reunite on “Nightmare,” a captivating track that flows from menacing to heavenly and from minimal to lush, all within a tight two-minute frame that’s as compact as it is expansive.

Harra – Committee Bodega Bay Version

For his latest single, up-and-coming Portland singer/multi-instrumentalist Harra decided to revisit his heartfelt ballad “Committee”, entirely reinterpreting it with the help of longtime collaborate Richard Laws (the two of whom share a side project called Hacienda Bridge House Band). The result? A shimmering balearic ode that carries forward the hazy brilliance of artists like Jack J and Jamie xx.

lojii x Alexander Spit x Pink Siifu – The Rotation

Philadelphia MC lojii partners with Los Angeles producer Alexander Spit to unveil the second single from their eagerly awaited collaboration album, Starter Pack. This time around, they’ve collaborated with the vocal genius of Pink Siifu for an abstract masterpiece that signals great things are queued up when the full project drops on November 17.

Livt. – I Just Want My Bitches To Fly

Echoing the shifting shades of the northwest weather, Seattle R&B virtuoso LIVt emanates tunes that thrive in the harmony of dichotomies—easygoing yet dark, always riveting with a soulful undertone. LIVt’s recent single “I Just Want My Bitches To Fly” encapsulates this very essence, smoothly unfurling and perfectly illustrating LIVt’s expansive vocal range.

sir Was – Sometimes You Got To

Swedish artist sir Was gathers unique ingredients—there’s the rhythmic pulse of hip-hop, the layered allure of synths, the easy-to-grasp structures of pop, and the atmospheric charm of ambient production—and concocts a tasteful melody soup that’s distinctly his own. His latest single offers an exploration of patience, shedding light on the sacred act of waiting for the right moment atop a lush soundscape that resonates well beyond the song’s four-minute runtime.