Drummer and multi-instrumentalist SHOLTO's new single "Over The Sky" is a dreamy voyage through the realms of cinematic-library-soul.

Premiere: SHOLTO – Over The Sky

Hailing from London’s pulsating music scene, Oscar “SHOLTO” Robertson isn’t just a drummer and multi-instrumentalist, he’s an orchestrator of grooves and a time-traveling storyteller. You can trace the breadcrumbs of his influences — jazz, soul, krautrock, and the golden days’ soundtrack of the 60s & 70s — in the bouquet of sounds he conjures.

Ahead of the release of SHOLTO’s Root Records debut EP The Changing Tides Of Dreams, today we have a sneak peak at his latest single, “Over The Sky,” a dreamy voyage through the realms of cinematic-library-soul.

A song that comfortably nestles itself alongside genre champions like The Ironsides, Misha Panfilov, and Makaya McCraven, SHOLTO creates a world where tension thrives, culminating in dramatic highs and lows. Just as things reach a boiling point, the song artfully cascades into an uplifting river of hope, where soothing harp melodies intertwine with otherworldly strings.